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You Got to Me

Though this may be a little late, due to life’s shortness of time these days, I still felt the need to post. A few weeks ago now I went to see Lady Antebellum with my sister-in-law. I’d fallen in love with Lady A since Need You Now – which I guess is a little fan-cliche. But […]

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Dignity 101

For most people working in fashion and retail, they do it because they love the business. The excitement of new collection, beautiful fabrics and for some the ultimate lux of select brands. You come to work each day not knowing what awaits you; this season’s biggest trend, the purse you can live without or even […]

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Starting Off Right

With 2013 behind us, it’s time to embrace the new. A new year always gives us so many opportunities to accomplish goals that we set out for ourselves – perhaps those we neglected last year. Sometimes it’s not thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, but rather goals you’re setting out to accomplish this year [resolutions are so […]

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I’m Ready, 2014

As I woke up this morning, slightly hungover, I felt somewhat releaved as one year finished and another begun. Not to say that 2013 was awful, but it also wasn’t that great. Even take last week for example; getting into a small accident on the highway on route to work for Boxing Day. No matter […]

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iCan’t Phone Home

Remember when you were growing up, having that conversation with your parents about your frist cell phone? That perfect mix of crying, whining and forced guilt on them to buy you whatever was the latest or greatest piece of technology. At least for me I can remember, the very first one in fact; It was […]

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Get Your SoBe On

Travelling is one of the perks that comes with my job; the ability to fly anywhere [we fly] at anytime for a discounted price. Any opportunity I get I love to get away, not that I don’t like Toronto, but you can’t just sit still your whole life. This past weekend though marked an epic […]

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Drinking to Disaster

Do you frequent a favorite bar? Perhaps that neighbourhood gem or downtown hot-spot you’ve gone to for years. Either way, you probably feel quite comfortable at the bar each time you go to it. From the familiar faces, to the pleasant bartenders or even the great music; all help influence your mood and are reasons why you come back. […]

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Fall’s Proud of its New Colours

Thankfully I wasn’t born in the age of reading magazines under the covers, or at least those of alternative lifestyles. Being gay is one thing but having social literature about it is another; despite what we have today, it wasn’t always like that in the past. The positive move forward though is the amount we […]

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(G)et (Y)our (M)ind On

When thinking of a title for this article and how I feel about fitness, I thought get your mind on was perfect. You think of how many times we’ve talked about diets, lifestyle changes and New Years resolutions to join the gym. Unfortunately for some, if not most, these aspirations don’t always come true; there is […]

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(Ir)regular 9 to 5

Have you ever strived to work the 9-to-5? That magical shift that allows you to sleep-in to a good time and still make it home for dinner? For most people the answer to this question is yes, although I’d like to ask them how they think it can come true. As much as people want […]

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