(Ir)regular 9 to 5

Have you ever strived to work the 9-to-5? That magical shift that allows you to sleep-in to a good time and still make it home for dinner? For most people the answer to this question is yes, although I’d like to ask them how they think it can come true. As much as people want to work the average hours that any good white-collar worker does; punching in at 9, taking lunch at 12, a few coffee breaks in-between and then the magical time at 5 when every goes home. Unfortunately in a world such as ours, today this shift rarely exists and if it does it comes with some strings [attached].

For me I think one of the biggest reasons for this is the change in the work dynamic and even jobs. Many people years ago probably worked very different jobs; we weren’t as technologically inclined and even family structures were different. You had dad going off to the factory or plant and returning back home for mom’s good ol’ meatloaf on the table. These days though, as we’ve seen the power shift from men to women and even the types of jobs, people are lucky if they even get home for normal dinner hours — and how do you define normal these days anyway? –. It seems that the times we spent as a family yesterday are only different today, and going to change even more for tomorrow.

So what is the new norm you ask yourself? There isn’t. Everyone is working very different jobs within many growing industries; whether it’s commercial, economical or the ever-growing service industry. It doesn’t matter really which because in each of them the hours of operation have changed, and so have the people who are working them. You might think of a bank for instance; once thought of as a Monday to Friday establishment with the odd Saturday open is now become the “open later to serve you better” — Sunday’s included –. Something once thought to be so simple has now had to be extended not only diversify in a competitive market, but also for the not-so-average worker.

Where do you or I fit in? It’s really wherever you can. If you’re not working the same hours as a friend, family member or even partner, you have to find time in-between your busy lifestyles to be able to do things with each other. Whether it’s meeting for coffee as one finishes the day while the other begins, coordinating your days off to be together, or maybe waiting to use your 2+ weeks vacation you get a year to spend some quality time. Things aren’t as simple as they once where and with that we have to change or else we’re left alone.

Whenever the clock goes off at 3:45 am for me I always wonder “why am I up this early?” I mean, it is an ungodly hour. With that being said though I do finish the day at 1:30 pm, a time much less hectic then the 5 o’clock commute. So for me, and really for you, it’s learning to make the best of each situation. If I’m done early I can not only do my errands, go to the gym but also cook dinner before my loved ones get home. Sure, I’min bed just shortly after they’re in the door, well, at least at 8. And really from then till 11 the only thing I am missing is TV, right? (Please tell me that’s it)

Here’s to the odd hours,

Jake Wilton

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