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This past week I was delighted to receive an email from Pinterest, the online forum for all things picture. A few weeks, if not months, back I had went onto their site in hopes of opening my own account. I had spent time viewing other people boards and figured it was time to start my own. Unfortunately to my surprise the community was quite full and there was a waiting list — can you believe it, a waiting list for the site — Not sure when I would hear word I continued about my business; blogging, tweeting and spending too many hours on Facebook. Then one day as I heard a ping on my iPhone, sure enough, there was an email saying Welcome to Pinterest.

With all of the social media sites that I use this one didn’t seem much different, just another welcome addition. The reason though why I think I was so excited is because its main focus isn’t necessarily on the text but rather the graphics. You can express a single thought, a single word or even an event by one single picture; whether it’s the first kiss of a wedding, the first look after a birth or even your first car — all memorable moments –. And with each of these photos comes a different opportunity to share them with the world, but in a sense, your online community.

Since the site seems almost like a collage it is easy to see why it can be a community. Because there are so many different people who make up a street block or even an entire city, we are a constant collage as each person brings unique and personal touches to the table. Whether it’s a piece of clothing, a flavourful dish or even a piece of art, each adds to what makes our city great and ultimately our community.

For me this is now the opportunity to share pictures of the past, pictures of today and pictures of tomorrow. As I explore the many interests that are obvious to me and even the ones that aren’t, I’m able to share them with viewers to get their opinions or even feedback. You can live it, you can share and even make it a hit; it doesn’t matter whether you have 1 follower or 1 million, each person counts as they view and appreciate your work. We take inspiration from everything we see on our ways to work, the groccerie store or even a foreign city; so why not express what you see to others, allowing the world to become that much closer — and connected –.

Jake Wilton

Jake Wilton Pinterest [Click Here]

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