Take Care, Winter

As the season is about to change and we are thinking about what we do and don’t in our wardrobe, it’s important to know how to care too. Knowing how to care for not only ourselves but also the many products that we put on our bodies down to our feet. Whether it’s a coat, a bag or even a shoe, just like clothing each has its place. When you’re cleaning out your wardrobe however, you need to know how things should be kept; how your bags should be bag’ed, your shoes should be boxed and even certain clothing items neatly packed away. It’s enough to say you have a vast or full wardrobe but there’s no sense if things aren’t kept in proper order, and also falling apart.

Just like your fine china, these clothing need royal treatment too. Could you imagine spending $15,000 — minimum — on a Alexander McQueen dress only to flop it in some closet when it’s not being worn? No, because you respect the designer and the price too much to do so. This should be the case though with many of the low-to-high end designers that you purchase, each is money spent. Many people think that any and all pieces should be stored the same, despite the price; but it’s knowing that if you love a piece regardless of the price you should take care of it right. If you’re going to get life out of a piece, care is in order.

Thankfully there are a few products in the marketplace that can help make clothing maintenance, and even storage, a breeze. It’s knowing the right product, for the right piece and even the right place to store it — you wouldn’t keep a bag in the warmest or dampest part of the house. So here is my mini-guide or products to help making spring cleaning a snap, and how to keep winter warm for next season!

Shoe Boxes (clear plastic) – This is a great way of seeing what you have while keeping it clean. It’s not always a matter of wearing white in the mud but also how you care for it; keeping something in an airtight box when not in use allows it to stay fresh, clean and dust free. And by making use of clear plastic, each time you go into storage you can see what shoes, or boots, you’re looking for.

Accessory Boxes – Many of your great items come with these but you can also buy them too. When not using items such as silk scarves or even hats, using the proper boxes for them can help extended the life of them too. This is why it’s great to hang onto those little orange boxes from Hermes or even a Holt Renfrew hat box too.

Proper Hangers – It’s important to realize that with each garment comes in different shapes and they should be looked after accordingly. Thin for shirts, roll for pants and heavier shoulders for coats; each will provide the proper support to ensure the garments stays in the correct shape and form.

Handbag Dusters – Really any and all designer handbags should come with this these days, and for good reason. Whenever a bag is not being used it needs to be tucked away where no one can see it. Light, dirt and even dust can easily collect on the surface of your precious pieces or even discolour them — don’t leave it in heat or sunlight for too long –.

Shoe Tree’s – One of the biggest things especially in a men’s wardrobe. When you wear a shoe it takes a real beating; considering that you’ve been on your feet all day walking around the city. When you go home, your  shoe needs new life breathed in them. The moisture from your feet can be removed while the cedar helps to re-shape and de-smell your favourite pair.

Garment Storage (coats) – This is a great way of looking after your winter coats when they’re not looking after you. Instead of placing them in a crowded hallway closet or even a bedroom, opt to store them in a breathable cloth garment bag so they stay fresh for the next season in a cool, dry place — great if you have a basement closet –. This is also the time to have them cleaned, so they are ready for the following season.

Sweater Boxes – Nothing is worse than opening up your wardrobe and pulling out a sweater for that night, when it’s to late you’ve realized it’s wool. It’s time to pack away those heavy knits and break out the cotton, warm weather is here. This is the opportunity to lay to rest heavy sweaters with cedar — or mothballs — to keep out any summer critters from ruining your goods.

Garment Storage (wardrobe) – For many people, myself included, they never have enough space for storage. What I find useful and very portable are cloth garment storage or wardrobes. These usually easy to assemble and place units can house anything from dress shirts to dress coats, whatever you need the storage for. For those who might not have an extra closet in the basement though, this can be a great option to set up and stow off-season pieces.

Fur Storage Facilities  – For those living in Toronto — for Holt Renfrew — or any city abroad, a fur storage facility should be used for our special skins. This is an opportunity as a season of use comes to a close and we put our hides away for next year. Because of the nature of theses piece,s often times special care and cleaning will be needed, as well as dedicated spaces with climate controlled environments.

Hopefully some or all of these tips can be helpful as you pack away the winter blues. Nothing feels better this time of year then organizing your wardrobe; it’s a great reminder of memories past as memories are to be made. Whether it’s a weekend at the cottage or an afternoon in the park, it’s important to be ready at any moment — wardrobe in hand –. Just make sure each item is safely stowed for next season as you enjoy the ones you’ve brought out for this [season]. You wouldn’t just throw anything on your back, so why should you have that attitude for the way you care for it either!

Jake Wilton

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