The Mean Girl

Our perceptions of people can change, almost as much as the person in question does. Whether someone changes their appearance, their clothing or perhaps even a hair style. Each piece can help something appear to be different; whether it’s darker make-up for an edgy look or even fitted clothing for a more provocative look, each has its own message. What makes a difference though is when that certain look, or even change, can alter a persons perceived attitudes or even values to a wrong degree. This is where we either change something so drastically that onlookers have no choice but to react, or, our actions during this change only have negative repercussions on how were perceived in this state.

Image is a powerful thing and especially for a celebrity. It’s how you make, spend and even influence lifestyle according to your income. If you’re making it big then you’re living it big; with big budget films comes big paying roles, the better you are the more you’re going to be paid. But if you’re that washed-up, has-been, never going to be again – good luck. People aren’t going to want you if it brings nothing to the table or even the ratings. But what makes a star unattractive, in the eyes of the producer or investors? Any simple mistake that leaves you with a bad reputation in the eye’s of your fans.

The perfect example for this unfortunately is Lindsay Lohan. The girl we all came to know and love as we watched her inΒ The Parent Trap. Such an innocent little face starting her movie career in what was a fun-loving comedy of its time. Although as time went on we didn’t necessarily hear from her all that often; until movies like Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen or the ever popularΒ Mean Girls came around. These are the movies that eventually got her to her stardom and a place amongst her young celebrity buddies.

A few years later though and after she had her big role in Herby Full Loaded, it wasn’t only the car that was spinning out of control. Lindsay had come to develop obvious tastes for the party scenes in Hollywood and the not so parent [trap] friendly habits that came along with it. Late nights, drinking and perhaps even drugs; some any and all — probably — actors or actresses of her time, before and even after have struggled with. The problem for Lindsay though was the image she was portraying and the girl she was becoming, not the innocent red-head from Africa who loved Lady-Smith Black Mambazo. No, she was becoming the mean girl who not only let her parents down but also herself too.

Can it be traced back to her roots though — literally — ? I mean, she seemed to have everything together for the girl who took the teenage school scene by storm. That innocent little red-head, the one who did mathlete’sΒ by day and tried to get Aaron Samuel’s by night. Then all of a sudden she was that crazy blonde who had a talking car, or maybe at least to her if she was strung out that much. Blonde just didn’t seem to be the right look and especially as the nights of partying became more evident in her face. It’s like it was framing this poor, sad little girl who looked like she went from one [party] to the next.

Then as a few more years passed on and countless parties, she was suddenly a red-head again. I remember a friend messaging me and saying “look up Lindsay, look up Lindsay – she’s back.” She had a georgous head of red again that just brought so much life to her face. Away from the years of blonde that only added to the skinny-drugy look she had going on, not now. Now, now is when we were looking at the girl we once knew; the one that learnt her lesson and missed senior prom because of the consequences of bad actions. Maybe for Lindsay history has a way of repeating itself and especially that of Mean Girls.

If you’re going to go down such a dark path, such an beaten-down dreary road, there has to be a turn off somewhere. Somewhere that you can regain your confidence, sense of self and more importantly sense of respect amongst people. The people who not only employe you from a directing aspect but also the fans who watch each moment. The ones that innocently fell in love, watch you grow up in high school but then lose it all as apparent in your hit song Confessions of a Broke Heart. But now, amidst all the ashes and broken bottles, they wonder. Could this be it, could this be the return of Lindsay Lohan? They always said red-heads have more fun, or at least more so than blonde crack heads!

Here’s to Lindsay,

Jake Wilton

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