Inside the Box: Jewelry Focus

Many people ask what I love when it comes to fashion, which isn’t always an easy question or answer. Everyone has their own taste, style and even signature when defining ones personal style. Everything from top to bottom, ears to hands and even our feet; in each area we are able to express ourselves through the various design in not only clothing, shoes but jewelry as well.

When I was sixteen years old my parents bought me my first piece of jewelry, the classic round 1837 Tiffany & Co. ring. Being the young naive student that I was, I actually chose this over the Atlas piece they originally had bought for me, saying “this is too mature.” As time went on and my taste evolved, I watched as each piece I added to my repertoire represented a piece of me and even a piece of history. And with that, even a maturity how the once turned down Atlas soon became a permanent piece in my collection.

That is one thing I love though about jewelry, the value behind it – historically. Not the fact of where jewelry has come from and how it has evolved over the years, but rather what each piece means to me and how I feel when I wear it. The oversized double G Gucci ring I got as a gift from mom in St. Thomas, the square 1837 right I bought on my first trip to Somerset Collection in Detroit, or even my favourite Tiffany gold Somerset ring I got from Christmas one year; each of these pieces are a part of me and each remind me of a time in history or even a place.

As people ask I love to tell them though how much I love jewelry and how it is becoming a growing obsession, because all I want is more. From years of silver to now the taste of gold, I continue to change not only what I wear on a daily basis but also what I want even more [of]. This is why for me it is a passion that will never die as I look to the classics of yesterday and the new age of today; the Schlumberger’s of the early 1900’s to the late titanium’s of the 2000’s, each represents a time in history and in myself.

Now I am giving those who ask about my love, my passion and my drive for all things fashion a little look into my bling-bling world. I have taken a few candid shots of some of the pieces I have collected over the years; despite the fact you may only see some designer labels, my collection extends also into some vintage pieces as well as, as my bestie would put it, “Cheap and cheerful” pieces too — it’s just hard to fit everything into one box or place –.

Enjoy your look around,

Jake Wilton

— The big picture —

— My collection started with one ring and has grown into many, it somehow only seems fitting —

— Bracelets are one of my favourite pieces, especially how you can layer so many styles and textures —

— I love the colour of the friendship bracelet, it allows you to add flare in a silver and gold world —

— A good watch is so important to have, which is why I always wear one, but you need your oversized for a bit of fun too —

— Necklaces are every growing in my collection, especially if it’s a key or lock to add on with others —

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