Sabotaged by Sequel

Reputation is key when it comes to the entertainment business whether your an actor, singer or dancer. You build your business, essentially yourself, and people buy into it. There is something about what you do, who your are or what you believe in that draws people towards you. When you come in a group of three, with one “interesting” addition, making sure that your repuation stands strong is your number one prority.

You’re probably wondering what, or who I am talking about. Three people, plus one, that have a strong reputation… (Insert the Girls)

“We wanna invite you to have lunch with us, everyday for the rest of the week” – Gretchen Wieners

Yes, the power the of three comes in the form of Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith. Together these girls form the Plastic’s, better know as Mean Girls. This movie for many years has been one of my favourites, watching it probably once a month or so –sad I know–. High school dramas are always funny, but when you really capture what happens in school –to a degree– you end up loving it out of pure guilty pleasure!

Pleasure wasn’t exactly the right word when I heard there would be a sequel debuting, more confusion. How can you make a sequel to something that ended so well; girl world was restored, the group split up and a promise to make sure that they would never let any girls do this again. But again it happened, I am still in disbelief.

The video was released on February 1st to DVD, never making it to theatre’s –I know why–. We found three girls once again, the Plastic’s, dominating the school’s social playground. It wasn’t the same caliber this time, on any level, with the whole movie coming off as a cheap made-for-TV feel. The outfits, the humour and the overall plot were poorly put together; something we know in girl world needs to be flawless, much like their skin –“my pores are huge… my nail bits suck… I’ve got man shoulders”–






So why did this fail? Is it because their shouldn’t be a sequel or just the poor production of this one? I feel myself that their shouldn’t be one, thinking about many things in life – why mess with perfection. The drama, humour and not to mention fluidity between the girls in the first was something that could not be recreated. Or if it was for that matter, it had to be done with percession. Instead, we were left with a collection of girls that looked like poor understudies from the ones before them; not delivering the true “mean” of Regina, know-it-all-ness of Gretchen and the perfectly ditzy charm of Karen.

Do I recomend you watch? Probably not, I only did to see exactly what expectations, or not, they there were trying to live up to. If your daughter is younger than I am, after the original, then I don’t see the harm. When you have no expectations, sometimes your pleasently surprised. But when you hold only the highest, and those aren’t met, then… “You can’t sit with us!”. And these girls will definitely not be sitting at my table anytime soon. I mean, if I were them… “I’d be sitting over there with the art freaks” !


Always remember the rules of feminism,

Jake Wilton


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