Naked & Famous Custom Denim Event

Holt Renfrew teamed up with Naked & Famous denim a few months ago for a special custom denim event. The event was geared towards denim lovers, especially those with an appreciation for Japanese Raw Denim. You came into your local Holt’s and met with a Naked & Famous representative; from there you picked your denim (all different colours available), stitch colour and label preference. From there the company would create this one-of-a-kind denim for a little bit more than the usual $140 range, $280 being the cost for the custom denim.

What a great idea though, who wouldn’t want a custom pair of denim. I know for myself I live in denim, probably more than I should but it is such an easy staple to always fall back on. You can dress denim up or down, blazer or polo, raw or organic, cropped or long, skinny or boot-cut… there are a million different denim options. Here though you got to choose your fit, your denim type (colour and gauge), colour of thread used for stitching and then finally the colour of the Naked & Famous back logo. Once all of that was picked your options were sent to the factory for a 3-4 week waiting period for completion, although to my disappointment it took almost 8 weeks!

After all that waiting I finally had my denim, my very own tailored denim. What I loved about my options though was the denim material that I had picked. When I spoke to the representative from Naked at the event, he had only purchased enough fabric to make up to 5 pairs, making my denim almost one-of-a-kind on a different level. Most of the denim people were choosing was the same, only making their stitch colour and logo different but for me my denim was a rare find… quite like me!

The denim had an underlaying variety of colour coming through the traditional blue ranging from oranges to purples to yellows, a very colourful denim palate. The most exciting part was the aging process, I was told that as the denim was worn more and more I would notice the colours coming through and becoming more apparent. This denim was going to be constantly evolving, how fabulous!

Overall I think the product was a big success, me personally loving my custom one-of-a-kind Jake denim. The only thing however was the lack of publicity for the event, I would not have known about it if I hadn’t been shopping at Holt’s that day. Although thinking back on it now, someone else might have bought my denim, so I think I’m happy just having it to myself!

Jake Wilton



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